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Golden Community Conversations

Fall 2023 Housing Discussions

Golden Community Conversations, recently formed by six Golden residents having different perspectives and values from each other, will be hosting three meetings throughout the fall in order to invite the Golden community into conversations about affordable housing.The three conversations will be the evenings of August 24, September 27, and October 5, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm; a light dinner will be served. The intention is for attendees to represent, as much as possible, the varied ideas and interests of people with an interest in Golden. To help with that, and because of a limit of 35 people for each conversation, those who are interested are asked to complete a brief interest form, available at the top of this website.After completing the form, the organizers will respond with an RSVP request for the evening the interested person is requested to attend, along with the location for the conversation. (This will help the organizers to ensure varied ideas and interests are represented at the conversations.)The first and most important outcome for these three events is simply increasing the civic capacity in Golden and giving the community a new way to discuss tough issues together. Eight people who work and/or live in Golden have been trained to facilitate small group conversations. The facilitators will guide the conversations and not provide solutions or their own opinions.Notes and information will be gathered from this event and compiled into a summary report which will be provided in a community report-out, and as well as directly to the City of Golden.The Center for Public Deliberation at Colorado State University is advising on the design, training, and overall facilitation for this project.


Thursday, August 24th
Wednesday, September 27th
Thursday, October 5th
Each conversation is from 6pm to 8:00pm

Funded by:The City of GoldenThrough a Thriving Community Support Grant To Golden United